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I'd been a smoker for more than 20 years. Life really has changed for me no amount of thanks is ever going to be enough.


Stuart is a really understanding and kind person. I wish everyone could feel so good. He is very understanding and patient. I think that giving blood now would be a complete doddle and look forward to booking my first session!

Over the weeks Sam has managed to keep me off chocolate, crisps and most sweet stuff AND do more exercise. If you would like to see and read the actual letter yourself, just click on the "thumbnail", and the letter will be displayed approximately full sized.

She was born last Thursday at Methodist Hospital and is a very healthy, peaceful and bright little girl. I could not even undertake a minute flight to Ireland without major distress. Eating smaller quantities of normal, delicious, healthy food I never feel testimonial hypnotherapy diet and I have no desire testimonial hypnotherapy diet snack.

With gaining that affection my relationship with my husband has sky rocketed to the moon, it freaks him out all the time. Ever since I was a kid I have had weight problems. It's like I've never smoked before. Naturally, results do vary from person to person.

They don't wear out. They talked about foods and the feelings associated with them. Because an individual's hand writing can be difficult to read, and because providing you a copy of the letter requires some computer time to down load, we first offer you a "thumbnail" copy of the letter on the left and a typed version on right.

Sally is a very genuine and caring person and has the ability to put you at ease. Thank you so much! Your Virtual Hypnotherapy session can be conveniently downloaded, viewed and listened to on your phone, computer or tablet device. No cravings, withdrawals or anything. Anonymous Gentleman For over 20 years I have been drinking in secret.

I know I'll never go back to those old, negative patterns. Im not snacking inbetween meals and i now know when im full. After a short time, I was feeling much better about myself and in control of my problem.

If you have any problems - contact Stuart. Stuart is a very good listener and supported me throughout. I was very at ease with Stuart and he is a great listener with good ideas. I spoke with Stuart on the phone and agreed to come in for an initial consultation.

There is no better time than now to quit smoking. Stuart was able to help me immensely - he is a terrific listener and we got to the root of the problem quickly. Anonymous Lady I went along to see Sally after suffering with anxiety and not been able to manage my stress.

I am saving a tremendous amount of money.I was terribly depressed and not coping at all well my weight had spiralled out of control and I really needed help. I had 4 weeks treatment with Dr Kidd and although I still have a long way to go with my weight I found that hypnotherapy helped me to take control of my life, and therefore helped me to.

Phil has an inspirational story about how he lost weight with the help of hypnotherapy. Read the testimonial of how he conquered his bad habits and slimmed down to his ideal weight. He had tried, diet and exercise of course; yet he just couldn’t seem to.

3/15/ · “Six months ago, I never thought I would be where I am today. Growing up in a family where food was used as a reward, I was always the girl who could eat vast amounts of food and never put on any weight.

I was envied by my family and friends and people would normally wonder: ‘how can she eat so much and not be putting on weight?’ or ‘she is so lucky!’. Chocolate doesn't taste the same either. I never thought I'd manage without fruit buns, or chocolate.

After 3 sessions with you I've found it easy to watch how much I eat. Listening to the cd every night in my bed really helps and I would highly recommend to anyone that's.

TESTIMONIALS SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL If you would like to write a testimonial about your experience with me and the services I provide,please complete the form below so I can add them to my website.

Thank you, I appreciate your support! I consent to having East London Hypnotherapy collect the information contained in this form. *i went to see Micheal 1 month ago i had a very bad gambling addiction i was a gambler for 10 years.

The past 10 years of my life i gambled every penny i had i did not have any saving or anyomoney for rent or even to eat i put my famaliy through a lot of pain and heartache. i had went to see other hypnotherapy's to help with my addiction to gambling but it did not help until i went to see.

Testimonial hypnotherapy diet
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